My name is Carlos M. Almagro. I started in photography, by chance, in 2009. I found in it an excellent complement for my love of nature and seeing new places.

I mainly do landscape photography, trying to shape in my images the feeling of a given "moment".

Many of my photographies were made in as far apart and different places as Tenerife (where i live) and Lithuania (where i often travel). You will also see a selection of photographies from other places such as Spain, Iceland, Netherlands, Ireland or New Zealand.

Another part of the gallery is dedicated to other kind of photos. Images into which i try to put my imagintation and creativity.

This website and the love i put into my images is dedicated to my family. To that one across the sea and to "my girls" who stand by me at home, specially my wife, without whose patience, love and keen eye for photography i couldn't do many of my photos.

I hope you enjoy your visit.